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Excellent orthodontics experience. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Youngker is excellent and provides his patients with a comfortable environment in the dental chair and uses his superior knowledge and experience to improve their smile. Overall, this is the place to go if you want a more vibrant and appealing smile! - J. Smith

I went to Dr. Youngker when I was 18 for braces! I was very happy with the results. Since I was so young, I didn't wear my retainer like I should have. 10 years later I went back for Invisalign to do some minor correction. Once again, I am completely happy with the results! I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family! - L.Nealis

We're very impressed with the treatment my daughter has been receiving with Dr. Youngker and his office staff! My daughter always looks forward to her office visits! We will be recommending you to our friends! Thanks Dr. Youngker and Staff for all you do!! - M. Swanson

This is HANDS DOWN the best office in OKC. Dr. Youngker saved my son's smile and it was quite a daunting task! Thank you for your dedication and for your amazing staff that always makes us feel so welcome! - K. Duncan

I went to Dr. Youngker because my teeth were very out of line and I thought I needed braces, after talking with him I decided to try the Invisalign thinking that there was no way it was going to work. My teeth were in horrible shape. I am now almost finished with the Invisalign and would recommend them to everyone they work awesome my teeth are perfect!!! I'm so glad I went with Invisalign instead of regular braces. No cutting your mouth or being poked by wires, and since I'm an adult I didn't want to be embarrassed by braces, and these you can't even see. If you are considering braces I would highly recommend Invisalign!!!!!! - A. Ussery

I was surprised when our dentist began recommending we see an orthodontist when my daughter was 7. I had always heard that was to young and assumed we'd wait until she was in middle school. But after a couple of checkups I decided to go for a consultation. I was referred to Dr. Youngker by a couple of friends who brought their children to him. At our consultation he explained the reason why starting orthodontics treatment at an earlier age would help the long term success and to be a less invasive procedure. I have been very happy with the treatment plan presented. The pace has not been overwhelming for my daughter or our family. She has had very mild discomfort and I attribute that to the plan Dr. Youngker outlined for her and starting her treatment at an earlier age when her bones and teeth are more willing to move. I would add that we have seen a significant improvement in the alignment of her teeth and I was really surprised by how quickly we noticed a difference. Lastly, the staff is very friendly and our visits are always efficient. My daughter loves the OrthoBucks incentive and the monthly contests. I would definitely recommend Dr. Youngker and his staff! - J.Wood


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